Is Cuba a safe country?


Cuba is one of the safest countries in Latin America. You will be amazed how many cops you see on the street. These are among others to help tourists and protect. Tourists spend a lot of hard foreign currency in the drawer and there they jump carefully. However, I would like to spend a few. Tip to the attention Not because I want to make you afraid or against wanting to keep. Journey to Cuba On the contrary. But forewarned is forearmed happen for two.


1. Pickpockets. Pickpocket you'll find anywhere. So even in Cuba. Especially in large cities such as Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Be prepared and do not walk flashy for sale with things like jewelry, wallets, backpacks and expensive cameras. Also applies in Cuba opportunity makes the thief.


2. Drugs. Drugs also occur and especially back in the big cities in Cuba. But not as much as we know it here in the Netherlands. This by the very severe penalties that appear on possession of drugs. Note that this also applies to tourists. So take drugs gene to Cuba! And (drugs) gangs as elsewhere in Latin America are not in Cuba.


3. Money changers. Do not change money on the street. Aside from scam to be increased. Allows you the chance of robbed Cuba has two currencies hard CUC CUP and the almost worthless when the Cuban get his salary paid.">To keep the two species apart look here:


4. Cigars. Cigars that you bought from your best friend the bartender / guide / maid / taxi driver who a father / brother or uncle working in the factory are fake. They are not stolen from the factory, they are fake. How well you \ 'fren \' also know, they are fake.

* I'm not saying they are bad.

* I'm not saying it was not a good deal.

* I'm not saying you can not enjoy.

I'm just saying they are fake. Accept it, deal with it and enjoy it.


5. Rum. Where tourists are rum and is therefore fake rum. Your new \ 'fren \' will always be a \ "special price \ 'for you have that nice bottle of Havana Club 7 year old rum. Much cheaper than in the store. Of course it is fake.

Unlike neprum cigars can be dangerous. The quality varies from \ "reasonable \ 'good to \" the burnt a hole in your throat \'. Buy your rum always in a state store.

Another place where rum is messed board in clubs. It's real rum not only the quality you ordered. The € 5, - the glass you paid for a 5 year old Havana Club is actually three years younger.

There are many more things I could write here but believe me that is not important.

Cuba is a country very easy to get around but always keep your sanity!