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Santa Clara is a quite city where one can breath Cuba's most recent history lead by Ernesto Guevara "El Che" and enjoy the masuleum named after him, beneath which, there is a museum dedicated to his live and involvement in "La Revolución".

This is a strategic city for those on their way to other turistic places such as Trinidad, Cienfuegos and the oriental part of the island. It is a compulsory stop when visiting the occidental area of Cuba as well and an inflection point in your trip where you can enjoy a couple of relaxing days surrounded by history.

Hostal Simón                                      Casa Rentasantaclara Ernesto y Mireya

Hostal Vista Park                                  Riki’s Hostal

Hostal la Cima                                      Hostal Javier y Katia

Casa Adelaida                                       Hostal Amalia

Casa Mercy                                         Hostal ITACA

Casa Mercy 1938                                  Hostal Idalma

Hostal D’Sara                                      Hostal D' Cordero