Casa particular (Spanish for "private house") is a phrase meaning private accommodation or private homestays in Cuba, very similar to bed and breakfast although it can also take the form of vacation rental. When the meaning is clear the term is often shortened to simply casa.                                                                              CRW 5802

Casas particulares are identified by a small sign on the door, with two blue triangles (roofs) against a white background, the owners get this after being approved by the government.

Casas particulares have several advantages over other types of accommodations. Guests can quickly get in touch with the real Cuban life


Casa particular” literally means "private house" but it started to be used to mean “private accommodation” in 1997, when the Cuban government allowed Cubans to rent out rooms in their houses or apartments to tourists, providing Cuban families with new sources of income. As any other type of accommodation in Cuba such as hotels, camping and motels were owned by the government, the term “casa particular” stated that this kind of paid lodging was privately operated.

Casa particular holds some similarities with Bed & Breakfast with breakfast usually is included in the price, in casas particulares this is not the case, the price per night is always without breakfast.

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